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HR & Payroll

With eveHRyday, you can process all of your Dutch payroll and HR changes in a single app.

After logging in you are on the forms tab. These forms can be set to your preferred language. The forms pull the actual information directly from the Nmbrs platform and give you a clear overview of actual data.  But we also created easy forms for when you require a proforma calculation or employer statement. After completing and submitting the form, an e-mail will be sent to the payroll agency of your choice.

We are integrated with the HR and payroll platform Nmbrs. Visit the partner page to find a provider for your Dutch payroll.

We are partnered but not yet integrated with payroll providers in the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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Every payroll needs checks, we can think of many. eveHRyday helps you by offering automatic checks. By connecting our app with the payroll platfom Nmbrs we can easily define many checks and automate those for you.


Standard reporting is available as part of your subscription. For custom reports please contact sales.

Custom reports are standard reports but with extras to meet your requirements. Think: custom headers and extra information so you don’t have to combine two or more reports. Please contact sales for more information.

Service partners

We work with select partners with specific areas of expertise. All of our partners can be found in the partner page. Despite specialising in different fields, our partners work in close collaboration and offer short lines of communication.

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