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Once upon a time only very few were connected.

Once upon a time, in the early 90’s, very few people were connected to the internet. Platforms were installed locally as software and updates were distributed on floppy disks and later on CDs and DVDs.

Today, all you need is a computer, an internet browser and an internet connection – something we all have.

The only other thing you need are subscriptions to your favourite apps. You can then log in using your G Suite credentials or username and password. It couldn’t be easier!

eveHRyday Once Upon a Time

Everything in one place

Everything in one place, on the world wide web.

All of these great tools, apps, forms and services can get a bit overwhelming. They may even have you pining for the good old days when everything was better. Right? Wrong!

Today’s activities aren’t much different than they used to be, but the way we handle them is.

Introducing eveHRyday: the leading HR platform.

In one cool app you can communicate with your local payroll provider in the Netherlands, ask for proforma calculations, employer statements. Enter new employees, terminate employees. Change company car, new address, bank account or any other necessary change.

We fully integrate with the payroll software of Nmbrs.

We like you to meet eveHRyday, the No.1 HR platform.

Let’s join forces and

work together.

Although we are offering a great tool in the cloud, just maybe you want to talk about it first or fire your questions.  Please click on the Join forces button below fill the contact form and we get back to you to find out if we are the perfect match for you, or not..!

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